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  • Daugaard hosts last Gov’s Ag Summit
    This marks Gov. Daugaard’s final Ag Summit. He has spent much of his eight-year term courting agribusinesses and ag production to the state, which he told Ag Summit attendees has helped make every one in five workers have a direct or related job in agriculture.
  • Hines tells ranchers cow-calf business needs overhaul
    Producers have been told that milk is important for weaning weight, and they should breed the cows to give more milk, Hines says. “We’ve already noted that energy to produce milk is negative for the cow-calf sector,” he explains.
  • Recent rains quench southern Nebraska’s thirst
    After the coldest April on record, according to the National Weather Service, May was named as the warmest on record. By mid-June, the continued days on end of near 100-degree heat without any rain quickly burned up the stunted cool-season grass. Many farmers were wondering if the region would repeat the summer of 2012, a fiercely hot drought.
  • BIF marks 50th anniversary: Van Newkirk, Woolfolk receive producer awards
    The Beef Improvement Federation hosted its 50th convention in Loveland, Colo. June 20-23. The event is routinely a place for cattle producers, animal scientists and breed associations to come together to talk about the latest in cattle genetics and breed improvement.
  • Ag news coming out of Washington, D.C.
    Here is a brief run down on what has been happening in the nation’s capital city.
  • Branding, barbed wire and blockchain

    Today at the Campstool Ranch, in addition to the same hot-iron “DD” brand that generations of cows before them have received, these calves will come away with an extra piece of ear jewelry: a computerized blockchain tag that could revolutionize how ranchers keep records. 

  • Long-term trial shows cattle resist CWD
    Cattle fed extremely high oral doses of Chronic Wasting Disease-infected brain material or kept in heavily prion-contaminated facilities for 10 years showed no neurological signs of the disease.
  • Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. look to ease livestock haulers requirements, improve accuracy of drought monitor
    The Act extends the HOS on-duty time maximum hour requirement from 11 hours to a minimum of 15 hours and a maximum of 18 hours of on-duty time.
  • House farm bill fails over food assistance, immigration
    The $867 billion farm bill included funding for farm/ranch subsidies, trade promotion programs and the much talked about Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine bank. Conservation programs were also funded in this version but to a lesser extent than the current farm bill. It also called for stricter work and job training requirements for nutrition assistance recipients, which Democrats warned would force 2 million people off of food stamps.
  • WY ag industry looks to add value to beef, expand markets
    Recently passed legislation calls for the Wyoming Business Council to work with the agriculture industry, and in consultation with the ENDOW Executive Council, on a strategy to build USDA-inspected beef processing plants of all sizes throughout the state and market Wyoming beef locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 
  • Stockyards Ag Experience raises $1.258 Million for development
    Programming, activities and collaborations at the Plaza will highlight farming both past and present will provide educational opportunities for all ages.
  • Wet and cool pattern fades into summer
     Based on the models, Edwards says South Dakota is less likely to have cooler than average conditions in May, with the exception of the northwest.
  • Sales postponed

    Black Ink Farms Annual Angus Bull Sale has postponed today's sale until Wednesday, May 2 at 7:00 PM at the Corisca Sale Barn, Corsica, SD

  • Spring storm Xanto
    Generally calving mid-April means mother cows delivering their babies on green grass in the warm sunshine. That wasn’t the case for thousands of cattle this past weekend as spring storm Xanto surged through the Dakotas and Nebraska region bringing with it rain, sleet, snow, and wind.
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