By CBW Staff

On May 13, Robert Lee “Bob” Blom of Corsica, S.D. pleaded not guilty in a North Dakota court case that involves writing bad checks. In South Dakota, Blom also faces charges for overdrawing bank accounts and frauding some 53 individuals in cattle related business ventures in North Dakota and South Dakota.

Earlier this year, First Dakota National Bank became alerted to Blom overdrawing his account by $1 million dollars and began to investigate into matters. What resulted were allegations that Blum had written bad checks and also sold and resold the same cattle being fed in his family’s feedlot up to 16 times to different owners. 

In North Dakota, Blom is currently being charged with a Class C felony for writing non-sufficient checks a charge that carries a fine of $10,000 and a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison. A jury trial is expected and likely will be held mid-summer. 

First Dakota National Bank in South Dakota has also brought a lawsuit against Blom that involves owing money for more than 30,000 cattle to 17 different parties.