Compared to last week, cash bids for wheat, corn, and sorghum were mixed, while soybeans were higher. Weather this week has been favorable for harvest, but it has made its impact felt most of all in soybean quality. Producers have expressed concerns of yield loss due to pods opening and dropping beans. USDA said last week’s corn sales totaled 15.1 million bushels, the lowest so far in 2018-19, while 43.3 million bushels of corn shipments brought the 2018-19 total to 80% above a year ago. Soybean export sales and shipments totaled 10.8 and 42.5 million bushels respectively, putting total commitments down 21% from a year ago. Last week’s wheat export sales and shipments totaled 17.5 and 18.0 million bushels respectively, with total shipments down 25% from a year ago. Wheat was from 34 1/4 cents lower to 7 cents higher. Corn was from a 1/2 cent lower to 9 1/2 cents higher. Sorghum was from 3 cents lower to 3 cents higher. Soybeans were 2 1/4 to 15 1/4 cents higher.
Source: USDA-MO Dept of Ag Market News Service, St. Joseph, Mo.