Compared to last week alfalfa, grass hay, ground and delivered products and dehy pellets sold steady. Demand was good on ground and delivered hay as users are stocking piling due to the pending winter storm. Moderate to good demand for all other baled hay and alfalfa pellets. Some contacts stating there are still a lot of cornstalks that need to get baled but warmer and dry weather will have to prevail to get the task completed. All sales are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn, unless otherwise noted.

Eastern/Central Nebraska
Alfalfa: Good large rounds 90.00-105.00; Fair large rounds 80.00. Premium small squares 6.50-7.00 per bale. Alfalfa/grass mix: Fair to good large rounds 85.00. Grass Hay: Premium large rounds 100.00-105.00; Good large rounds 85.00-90.00; Fair large rounds 65.00-75.00. Premium small square bales 160.00-170.00. Brome grass: Good large rounds 90.00 per bale. Cornstalk bales 60.00. Dehy Alfalfa pellets 17 percent protein 230.00-240.00.

Platte Valley area of Nebraska
Alfalfa: Good round bales 105.00-115.00. Cornstalk bales 60.00-65.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 140.00-145.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa-stubble mix 130.00-135.00. Ground and delivered cornstalks 95.00-100.00. Dehy Alfalfa pellets 17 percent protein 215.00-220.00. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 200.00.

Western Nebraska
Alfalfa: Premium large squares 170.00-180.00; Good large squares 150.00-160.00; Good large rounds 130.00-145.00. Alfalfa/Orchard Grass: Good to Premium large squares 180.00-200.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 150.00-155.00.

Central and Western Wyoming
Alfalfa: Good large squares 150.00-170.00; Fair large squares 130.00-140.00. Premium small squares 200.00-225.00. Alfalfa/Orchard Grass: Premium large squares 150.00-190.00; Premium small squares 220.00. Orchard grass mix: Good large squares 140.00; Premium small squares 200.00-225.00. Certified weed seed free alfalfa cubes bulk 230.00-240.00, bagged 280.00.

Eastern Wyoming
Alfalfa: Supreme large squares 200.00; Good large squares 140.00-150.00; fair larges 125.00-130.00. Alfalfa/Grass: Premium large squares 210.00, 85.00 per bale. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 240.00.

East River South Dakota
Alfalfa: Supreme: Small Squares, 240.00; Large Squares, 200.00-230.00. Good: Large Rounds, 155.00. Fair: Large Squares, 135.00-150.00. Sun-cured Alfalfa pellets: 15 pct 185.00; 17 pct 190.00. Alfalfa Meal: 17 pct 195.00. Grass: No Reported Sales. Alfalfa/Grass Mix: Premium: Large Squares, 190.00. Straw: No Reported Sales. Cornstalks: No Reported Sales.

West River South Dakota
Alfalfa: No Reported Sales. Alfalfa/Grass Mix: No Reported Sales. Grass: No Reported Sales. Straw: No Reported Sales.
Source: USDA NE Dept of Ag Market News Service, Kearney, Neb.